New from Instructional Services: Mini Instructional Videos! Posted on May 7th, 2009 by

Because we know how valuable it can be to have someone talk you through a process, such as uploading a resource to Moodle or setting up a PowerPoint to use Clickers, we are introducing video podcasts to assist you. These podcasts can be viewed anytime, anywhere, giving you the flexibility to learn on your schedule, not ours! You can view them as many times as you’d like, rewind if something doesn’t make sense, or pause it to try it yourself.

The first five videos focus on basic Moodle functions: General Forums, Uploading Resources, News Forums, Adding a Participant, and Linking to an External Website. Take a look at them and don’t hesitate to let us know what you think. We appreciate your feedback.

Moodle: News Forums

Moodle: Linking to an External Website

Moodle: Adding a Participant

Moodle: Uploading a Resource

Moodle: General Forums



  1. […] I wanted to highlight that in a comment on an earlier post, Joyce mentioned that Instructional Services “started creating mini instructional videos last year on some of the basics of Moodle and plan on expanding them, as well as including other topics. They can be found at….” […]

  2. Barbara Fister says:

    I would like to know more about how to use Moodle as a place where students can submit documents and I can mark and return them. I have heard rumors this can be done, but I can’t see any obvious tools on Moodle to do it.

    • Sean Cobb says:


      If you click the “add an activity” dropdown box, you will see that there is the option of picking “upload a single file,” or “advanced uploading of files.” You would want to use this for the week or weeks that you’re having the students submit files via Moodle. I’m not sure how the instructor could use this to return the file to the student, though. I’ve never tried this process at all, although I’m very interested in it.

  3. Joyce Aarsvold says:

    If you want to provide feedback on a submitted assignment and then re-post it to Moodle for the student to retrieve, you will need to use the “Advanced Uploading of Files” activity. This allows students to post their documents via Moodle; the instructor to open, comment, revise, etc. and then upload the revised assignment in Moodle such that only the student has access to it.

  4. Martin Lang says:

    Dead links!

    404: No group with that name (instructionalservices) hosted on this server

    Argh! Is there a new spot for these?

    • Joyce Aarsvold says:

      Sorry, Martin. Steve set up a new Podcast Server and all the links have changed. I’m in the process of updating them. Check back soon, or if there is a specific video you’re looking for let me know and I’ll email you the new location.