Mass Actions Posted on August 25th, 2010 by

Over the summer, the Moodle server was upgraded to the newest version and some new modules were. One of the new modules installed is called “Mass Actions.” Mass Actions allows you to select multiple resources (by clicking a checkbox) and then applying a mass action to the items selected. This is incredibly helpful if you want to delete or move a number of resources within a course. In the past, you had to individually select and delete/move an item – which was very time consuming. In order to use Mass Actions in your Moodle course page, you need to add the Mass Actions block to your page. To do so, turn editing on, click on the add menu under the Blocks panel on your right. Slide down to Mass Actions and select it. The Mass Actions block will now be added to your course page for you to use when in the editing mode. Check it out! What a time saver!


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