Moodle – Unenrolling a Student from your Course Posted on October 26th, 2012 by

* NOTE FOR STUDENTS: This is NOT the process for dropping one of your classes. That must be done through the Registrar’s Office. This process is simply unenrolling you and removing you from a class roster in Moodle.

Ever wanted to remove students from your class roster on Moodle? The Assign roles link, which can be found under the course Administration block on the left side of your screen, allows teachers to manually enroll and unenroll students from a course.  After clicking on Assign roles, you will see two columns separated by two arrows (left/right). The left column lists enrolled students in your course and the right column contains the names of all potential students (i.e. students that the system already has registered).

To remove a student from the course, find their name in the field on the left, highlight it and click on “Remove” with the right-facing arrow, which will transfer the student from the “Enrolled students” column to the “Potential students” column. This will successfully unenroll the highlighted student from your course and will remove their access to your course.



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