Minimizing Media File Sizes Posted on April 18th, 2013 by

Tips on Keeping Media File Sizes Small



QuickTime Screen Capture (with audio)

• Screen captures are very much dependent on what’s being captured on the screen. If you attempt to capture a lot of activity on the screen, the file sizes will be much larger than a screen capturing less movement and activity. Resolution isn’t as significant for this feature, but medium resolution will still provide a clear picture while keeping the file size down as much as possible.

PowerPoint with Movie (Video) recordings

• QuickTime movie recordings offer three resolutions (medium, high, and maximum). In order to keep file sizes small, it is recommended that medium resolution be used. While high and maximum resolutions offer the clearest quality video, medium resolution offers clear quality while preventing the file size from becoming too big.

PowerPoint with audio

• When narrating a PowerPoint presentation, it is recommended to use the “Record Slide Show” feature instead of performing a screen capture with QuickTime. The feature of recording within PowerPoint adds audio to the PowerPoint, and isn’t dependent on what’s happening on the screen. A screen capture with audio of a PowerPoint will be significantly larger in size, and so it is recommended to use the “Record Slide Show” feature to add narration or comments during a PowerPoint presentation.


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