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Converting PDF to Text

Ever wanted to take a pdf file and edit it? Well, you can use a Macintosh utility program, called the Automator, to easily create a conversion application that will take pdf files and convert them into plain or rich text. To create your conversion application follow these steps: Open up Automator (located in your Applications […]

Quick Calculations

Included in Mac OS X is the application called Calculator. This is a handy tool for on-the-go calculations and it doesn’t take too much of your computer’s power. Perhaps you would like to check the currency exchange rate for the euro. Open up the Calculator found in the Applications folder. Type in a number, and […]

Stay Tuned for the Technology Tip of the Week

Coming soon to Instructional Services is the Technology Tip of the Week. Each week (or so) Instructional Services will be providing you with a video or blog regarding a new tip. These will be in the form of Gustavus-oriented tips, help on multiple computing platforms, and general technological gray areas. Stay tuned for more information […]

Removing Apple Mail Quotes

For those who don’t know, the vertical lines you see on the left margin of an Apple Mail message are called quote levels. The more lines you see, the more times that bit of text has been included in the email exchange. While Mail doesn’t include a command to eliminate these quote levels in one […]

Creating a Mailbox

You can create as many mailboxes as you like to file or organize messages you want to keep. If you are checking your mail via IMAP, you can create mailboxes to store received mail on your computer or on the mail server. You can also create a mailbox within an existing mailbox. A mailbox inside […]

Deleting Incorrect Mail Addresses in OS X’s Mail

In Mac’s OS X’s Mail, when you create an e-mail message and type in an address, the program puts the address – whether right or wrong – in its cache. If you have typed in an incorrect address in Mail, here is how you can delete it. If you are running OS 10.2.8’s version of […]